Our Programs


jesus, son of mary mosque (Masjid ‘Eesa ibn Maryam) programs

Monday Night Boost
A free community program held on Mondays after isha. This program covers various aspects of Islamic Studies for the community. Open for brothers and sisters.

Quran Refresh
A free community program where the community reads the Quran weekly with Imam Nouh. Held on Wednesdays after Isha prayer. Open for brothers and sisters.

Gardens of the Righteous
A free community program with reflections from Riyad as Saliheen. Held nightly after Isha prayers. Open for brothers and sisters.

Saturday Children’s Program
A weekly program for children ages 5-15 that consists of Gym, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Tajweed, Seerah, History and more. Held every Saturday from 9a-2p. Open for brothers and sisters.

Quran Memorization Program
An evening program for children ages 5-15 to memorize the Quran. Held Monday through Thursday from 4p-7p. Open for brothers and sisters.

Open Gym
A free community program that gives the community access to our full-size gymnasium for sports and recreation. Held weekly on Sundays, from 5p-7p. (Alternating weekly for Brothers and Sisters)

Daily Prayers
The Masjid is open for 5 daily prayer 7 days a week

Jummua Prayer
Jummua Prayer is held weekly on Friday at 1:15 pm






fkad institute programs

Associate’s Degree Program (ADP) in Arabic & Islamic Studies
FKAD Institute’s The Associate’s Degree Program (ADP) in Arabic & Islamic Studies is a comprehensive program, held weekly on Sundays that covers the crucial beliefs, jurisprudences and sciences of Islam as well as the reading and comprehension of the Arabic language.  

The ADP Program is semester based with Fall, Spring & Summer semesters.  The ADP curriculum is unique and specifically developed for the American Muslim living in the 21st century while adhering to the everlasting Quran and the Prophetic methodologies.






the wellspring schools programs

The Wellspring Schools Elementary School
Full-time elementary school from Pre-K to 5th grade

The Wellspring Schools Middle School
Full-time middle school from 6th grade to 8th grade

The Wellspring Schools High School
Full-time high school from 9th grade to 10th grade

The Wellspring Schools After-School Program
An after-school program that is open to both private/public school students. This program has homework help, tutoring, technology, art and more.