Expansion To 60,000 SF

The NYC Muslim Center (NYCMC) Expansion is a NYC DOB approved, community-centered project that will enlarge the current 35,000 SF NYCMC to a 60,000 SF Community Powerhouse

The project will develop & expand the branches of NYCMC including Masjid 'Eesa ibn Maryam, FKAD Institute, NYCMC Foster Care, Wellspring Elementary, Middle and High and The Hatebusters.


Expansion Summary

  • New 9,700 SF rooftop space with 5,700 rooftop field for community programs

  • New 9,700 SF floor with 12 new & larger classrooms

  • New 6,500 SF NBA size gymnasium with bleachers

  • New 2,400 SF sister's prayer hall

  • New 1,150 SF cafeteria

  • New 1,000 SF multipurpose hall

  • New creative computing laboratory and multipurpose laboratory

  • New restrooms on gymnasium level and first floor

  • New elevator serving gymnasium, first and second floors

  • New elevator for brother's and sister's prayer halls

  • New & larger ablution and restrooms for both sisters and brothers

  • Launch of new bachelor's degree program (BDP) in Arabic and Islamic studies

  • Expansion of The Wellspring Schools to a full High School


For further Expansion Project details, including permits, financials and more please visit our dedicated Expansion Project website